A Heart to Heart


There are so many persons to thank in an organization as the one we, Sanda and I, have had the pleasure to work with, collaborate with, share with, these past many, many years. To give thanks to everyone is not possible here but you know who you are – musicians, composers, actors, directors, board members, volunteers, back and front of hall support, funders be you corporate, foundation or individual, and, of course, our dedicated and intrepid audience. The journey we started on would not, could not have been taken without you.


The most frequent question we receive over these many years is what’s the PLUS in Chamber Music PLUS. The answer is both simple and surprising. The simple answer? The simple answer is that we need a name to begin our journey. Our dream at journey’s beginning is a simple one, to make and play our favorite chamber music with our favorite musician friends, and because we haven’t a fixed course as to where this journey, this dream is to lead us, the PLUS seems appropriate, an open-ended declaration. The surprise? Surprises!  The desire of our audience to want to know more about the hows and whys of the music and the composers that they love, the inside story, and as we respond to this thirst for more we are lead, directed, to paraphrase Robert Frost,  ‘to the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.’

This difference becomes the PLUS: The one hundred some world premieres, Fidelio (the singular trio of viola, cello, piano), the fifty theatrical, concert-drama firsts; all this newness and new ways of presentation in our travels together creating lots of excitement, yielding a significant legacy, a body of work that we hope will continue to entertain, educate, inspire for years to come in other musician’s and other organization’s capable hands. Daring programs, evocative programs, programs with a difference.


Now, looking back, the differences, the ‘pluses’, seem ordered, an organic progression, but that’s in hindsight, a luxury given only when one does not have a next season to dream up, produce, play, market, fret over.

It was time. Time for us to be in search of new ‘pluses’, new dreams, new journeys, new differences.

Please feel free to explore this website further; may it serve as a reminder of our past dreams, past journeys. It’s not the actual thing, never is, nor can it be.  More a postcard, a remembrance of a road less traveled. Thank you for making the journey with us.

A toast: To future roads less traveled. Vive la différence!

Harry and Sanda


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