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“Clark and Schuldmann have a way of digging into their material with a wholehearted enthusiasm that is disarming. They are fine musicians with plenty of technical equipment and they work together with as much rapport as could be asked.”
—The New York Times

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“Sanda Schuldmann plays the piano, and, in all but the first piece, Harry Clark plays the cello. The Duo possesses both the technique and the temperament to make these rich, Romantic pieces tug at our heartstrings as they should.”
…Theodore Bikel, a spellbinder half a century ago, has lost none of his magic, and the music of both Mendelssohns is a joy. This is a disc for connoisseurs and one with great value for teaching as well.
—Fanfare Magazine

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Dvorak’s New World

“Concert a fine tribute to composer Burleigh”
—Arizona Daily Star, 12/05/2006
Complete review

Raisin’ Cane

“Jasmine Guy’s Raisin Cane Exquisite Edutainment at the Apollo”
—New York Amsterdam News, 2/28/2007
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Sister Mozart

“…a classical-music program that is both inviting and exhilarating for the learned and ignorant ear alike.”
- Arizona Daily Star, 11/25/03
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Additional review starring Katherine Helmond 11/9/05

Magdalena Bach’s Will

“…an afternoon of glorious music.”
— Arizona Daily Star, 2/10/04
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Song Without Words

“Music matter most in sublime show about the Mendelssohns”
—Arizona Daily Star, 3/30/04
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Clark-Schuldmann Duo

“A large audience filled St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in downtown Jamestown for a poetic, eloquent concert of music by cello and piano…”
—The Post-Journal
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